Who can forget the big frame of Big Show, the athlete who is best known for his Hulk like physique and stamina?

Indeed none!

However, the king of WWE does not seem as huge as he used to be.

He has undergone a serious transformation, and looks in a much better shape now.

Big show weight loss 2018

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Of course, the wrestler is loved by masses and such a drastic change in his appearance has fueled a great level of curiosity amongst his fans.

People are more than eager to learn what inspired him at this stage of his career and what helped him drop a whopping 70lbs from his 6.9” frame!

Well, thankfully, Big Show is very expressive about his changes and at no point, feels resistance in discussing the approaches he follows.

In fact, he also regularly uses Instagram as a medium to update his fans about his fitness regime.


All of us have witnessed him as a man with a giant body!

However, the wrestling champion who has always threatened his opponent with his massive size and gigantic height literally left the world stunned as he appeared much lighter.

Of course, it was least expected from a man who has always seemed this big from the very start.

Slimming up and toning up to a point when we can visibly see his killer abs was something hard to believe from his side.

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So, what made him work on his uncontrollable waistline and how did he manage to do it, let’s find out!

Big Show Vital Statistics:
Age: 46 years.
Height: 2.13m (6.9 inches)
Weight loss: 70lbs.
Current weight: 174kgs.

Ever since his early twenties, Big Show weight started to increase. He ballooned to 400lbs, which was good enough to categorize him as overweight.

Big show body transformationsThe famous wrestler revealed that it was inappropriate diet and workouts that led to such a drastic bulging in his physique.

However, he decided to overcome the mistakes he has been doing for the past 40 years. He was very much serious and determined which led to Big Show weight loss.

As per him, getting in shape became a necessity for him but he wanted to do it the right way.

Therefore, he sought professional assistance through a very known and well-versed trainer, Dodd Romero.

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The 6 feet 9 inches then embarked a journey that was quite challenging, but rewarding. Big Show workout was based on strength training, whereas to lower his fat percentage, he was shifted to hi-rep and high-energy moves.

But that’s not all from his training routine.

The wrestler would further do activities which he generally loves to do like biking and swimming.

Interestingly, his success does not just revolve around strenuous trainings and other physical activities as the wrestler was also made to create major changes in his diet.

Big show diet was free from all the high calorie items that are otherwise unhealthy for athletes like him. He had to avoid junk food and focus more towards nutritious foods.


The 46 years old believe that success depends upon the direction you choose to go through.

If it’s about a ripped physique, methods that worked for me is never guaranteed to work for you.

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Therefore, one need to ensure that he is using the right approaches, approaches that are suitable for him and not the ones tested by others.

Big Show further warned as how wrong food patterns and trainings can seize the results.

Therefore, he advised one to be supervised by an expert during the entire course.


Like most of us, Big Show’s journey was also full of obstacles.

Big show before and after weight loss

Initially when his body started to react to his methods, his physique looked strange as he was losing fat from certain spots and not from the overall.

However, his consistency paid Big Show big dividends as his muscles started to emerge after the continual reduction of fats by and large.

Today, the wrestler stands out with his shredded physique and not to forget mentioning, his attention grabbing abs!

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Big Show before and after photos are worth the praises! He has come really far and has set example for others with voluptuous body.

He believes that nothing in the world can hamper your way, if you are determined and believe in yourself.

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